Garrett J.Kurilla founded Kurilla Real Estate, LTD in 1964,
Owner, Founder, Emeritus of Kurilla Real Estate, Ltd. as of July 1, 2014.

Family Realtors, Mattie, Nelson and Mike Kurilla will follow,
Garrett J. Kurilla Legacy, "Specializing in Lakeshore" and continue
to use their vast knowledge to assist you in buying or selling.
Garrett J. Kurilla
Garrett J. Kurilla
Founder, Owner & Emeritus
Box 779
Nisswa, MN 56468

Gary started his career in March, 1964 with the leading real estate company of Roberts Agency, but found that his passion was representing buyers and sellers in the vast lakeshore market, so in the fall of 1973, Gary opened "Kurilla Real Estate LTD," and coined the phrase "Specializing in Lakeshore, Located in Nisswa, Heart of the Beautiful Lakes Area." In addition to having a care phone, he purchased a Cessna 180 seaplane to better accommodate the distant lake properties such as Leech Lake, Whitefish, Cedar, Pelican, Bay Lake, along with the Gull Lake Chain and even flying clients to Ontario Canadian waters. The aircraft enabled him to show twice the property and do it more effectively in half the time.

Gary often took off with clients from his seaplane base on Nisswa Lake, across for the office, and occasionally used John Riedl Haywood Airport in the winter which is directly across from our present office on Highway 371.

Wife, Mattie, joined the company in 1988 as a "Realtor"
as well as son's Nelson and Michael in 1997, and became

Gary would like to acknowledge past clients who supported "Kurilla Real Estate" through the tough economy of the late 70's and early 80's where we had interest rates of 18 plus % and thank our present and future customers who may enjoy rates under 5%.

In behalf of the greatest, most dedicated team,
support staff, agents and owners, Gary thanks you!

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The Kurilla Family Realtors
PO Box 779
Nisswa, MN 56468
Mattie:  1-218-820-5946
Nelson: 1-218-820-4161
Mike:     1-218-839-0000
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